The smoke is long gone, the ash has settled and we are all good here in Lake Tahoe following the Angora fire, which ravaged our South Shore community the last week of June, 2007. Ravaged yes, but defeated – NO. Like most natural disasters, this fire has brought out the best in people. The morale and monetary support has been wonderful.

Many friends and neighbors have lost their homes and most, if not all of their personal belongings. Positive attitudes have become the foundation of rebuilding of homes.

Beside the local scarring the “Lake of the Sky” is warming her waters and pleasing her guests. Cool breezes stir white puffy clouds about and escort cascading waters as they fall toward the golden sandy shores. Please come visit us! Take a hike, ride a bike, find a quiet spot to follow the sun’s rays as they penetrate the emerald depths of Tahoe. Support LOCAL businesses. Dine at an independent cafe, shop at one of our local sporting goods stores and truly experience Lake Tahoe flavor.

Thank you to all of you who have sent your concerns and donations. Further donations for the Angora fire victims can be made directly to US Bank “Angora Fire Fund”. For more information please visit:

We look forward to seeing and serving you soon.

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