As I stirred in the kitchen this morning grinding our daily brew, darling little Chloe, our three year old, asked, “Dad, let me smell the coffee!”, as she insists in being involved in making Mama’s coffee whenever possible. The whir of the Virtuoso burr grinder filled the background as breaking sunlight filtered into the breakfast nook. “That smells good, Papa”, Chloe says, with a big smile. I am confident that this little live wire is going to be a coffee achiever – sooner than later.

The Technivorm brewer begins its gurgle and the rays of morning light catch the ochre red of the first drops of brew in the pot. “Freeze this frame” is all I can think, as a soft and sweet moment occurs. No worries, a little darling by my side and the realization that the ochre red color of those first drops of brew is so rich in texture that I am completely captivated. Wow, ochre red – the true color of the finest arabica species coffees.

Then comes the aroma. With notes of rich cacao and spice, I look over and see that darling Chloe is anticipating the ensuing cup as much as I am.

There is cause for much excitement. The looming brew is capturing all of our senses and has us spellbound. What is it? It’s one of our favorites, of course, and fresh from the farm. Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes.

This Central American origin is just super, especially this time of year when the first bags have completed their reposo,or “resting”, phase and are arriving in port and in Minden to be expertly and skilfully brought to life by Alpen Sierra’s production team. The acidity is so lovely and bright that it wakes the senses for a full blast of syrupy-sweet and rich chocolaty flavor. This comes from the double washed processing that Guatemala practices, which results in accentuated and clean acidity in the cup. As the rich mouthfeel of this brew travels the palate, the finish becomes spicy and is long- lingering in the aftertaste.


As I cradle this reverent cup and am absorbed in this seemingly eternal moment of bliss, I am snapped back to the present by the wide, bright and intensely blue eyes and anticipating gaze of my darling Chloe, wanting to have a sm

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