A question I am always asked, “what is your favorite coffee?”. My answer is always the same: “It depends on the time of the year and growing seasons”.

It is April and we are starting to see new crop arrivals of Central American coffees. Many of our prime origins have completed their “reposo” phases and are coming into port. I must say that my favorite coffee right now is the new-arrival Certified Organic Mexico Chiapas.

Produced by the UDEPOM cooperative, this coffee is sweet, sweet, sweet. It is bright with delicate acidity and a rich honey character. The full-city roast Alpen Sierra has finished it with leaves a long-lingering, clean and sweet aftertaste. This is definitely a coffee I recommend everyone try very soon. It is soooo good that it will be gone fast.

Second and third crop arrivals will begin to flatten. Buy your Mexican coffee by the end of June to experience that traditional honey-like sweetness in the cup!

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