All great coffee has a story worth telling. Panama is an origin, which we at Alpen Sierra covet, but find it limited in supply these days. So, when we do find excellent coffees from this gem of an origin, we jump on them. Currently, we have sourced a real nice Tipica varietal coffee from the well known Boquete region. Here is a little bit of their story.

Around the year 1890 a large group of immigrants arrived in Panama from multiple countries, a lot of them being contracted by the French investors to start the first attempt of building a Canal that would connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. One immigrants name was Abdeljad Suadi of Arab descent, who changed his name to Domingo Suarez. After the investors failed to complete the canal Domingo Suarez moved to Boquete to see if he could find a better life. Once in Boquete, Domingo met Doña Antonia Serrano, of Spanish descent and had several children including Vidal Suarez.

The family business was managed by the children after Domingo and Antonia’s passing, and the youngest Vidal Suarez and his spouse Eira Gutierrez purchased other properties. They in turn had six children and initiated what today is a successful 270 hectares plantation located on the best micro-climate areas of Boquete.

Vidal and Eira Suarez started the coffee agriculture in the El Salto region, towards the top of the Barú Volcano on the region known as Camesita. They planted the Típica coffee variety, which still remains as 80% of that estate today. This estate is at an altitude of 1500m to 1700m above sea level. The micro-climate in this region is dryer during the summer season influenced by the northern winds, which find no obstruction whatsoever due to the lack of mountains around the area. The administration of this estate prioritizes sharing activities that optimize the production and maintain the quality of the soil, a very important characteristic for the cup profile of this coffee.

This Camesita Panama is indeed a fine cup of coffee. We are roasting it to Light City degree, which best exemplifies its very fine attributes. The cup offers an enticing fragrance of red apple and milk chocolate. The flavor is silky sweet up front, transitioning to chocolaty maltiness, supported by a fine malic acidity, and finishing long and nutty.

Alpen Sierra's Panama Camesita Estate is in limited supply. The whole pound bag sells for $13.15. For the month of April we are offering it on special for $11.85. We love it and feel confident that you will too. Get it here.

Thank you and enjoy!

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